He Waits. That’s What He Does.

And I tell you what; tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick …

The website is up, the shop is open, products stacked neatly on the (virtual) shelves.
I’ve tested the site, run Checking Tools over it, hand-checked the links.
I’ve let everyone I can think of know about it, and done as much SEO as I can (without spending my first year’s takings on a ‘professional’).

And now I wait …

… and wait …

Hopefully my next post will be “HELP! Too busy! Too many orders!”. Hopefully. Not holding my breath.
Just waiting.

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About The Crystal Wizard

Being brought up in Leicester, Phil has always been at the Centre of Cultural Activity, and this was helped by his stay in Wales, meeting Crafters and Artists from many walks of life. Now back in his Hometown, he keeps an active interest in the Artists and Creative Talents across the Country.

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