Rainbows From A Car

My Dad, being the hero that he has always been, took me to pick my car up from its MOT and service the other day. The weather could not make up its mind, and the clear skies kept giving way to showers. While this made driving a little more awkward, it did give rise to a rainbow!

Caught without my camera, I pulled out my trusty mobile phone, and snapped a few shots.
As we were travelling at 50-60mph along winding country roads, and shooting through car windows (usually kept spotlessly clean, but see aforementioned weather), I was quite impressed with the results:

Blurred Rainbow

Rainbow Blur

I thought this would be as good as I could get, given that we were on a schedule, and Dad is not one for stopping the car for me to take photos. Especially if it would make us late (Dad’s definition of late is “less than ten minutes early”, whereas Mum defines “early” as “no more than ten minutes late”!).

So I was quite pleased to get these:

Rainbow and Hedge

Captured Rainbow

Rainbow Behind Tree

Rainbow Behind Tree

And this one was the best, I think:

Partial Rainbow

Partial Rainbow

All things considered, not a bad haul!

We didn’t find the pot of gold, but my car passed its MOT with only minor work, so I guess that counts!



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