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Be All My Links Remembered

The Wizard’s Cave stretches, labyrinth-like, across the Internet, its nooks and crannies leading deep through the Web. Unwary travellers meander through, with nary a string or breadcrumbs to guide them back. More prepared souls reach for their Bookmarks and Favourite-Lists, marking their passage as they go. But even these may miss unseen passages, unmarked ways, unnamed doors.

Being a friendly sort, The Crystal Wizard has compiled a list of the major delights, and how to get to them! So, without further ado, The Links: : The Central Point of The Crystal Caves, this portal will allow access to most areas.

The Crystal Cave Gift Shop: Showcasing the best in UK Arts, crafts and Creative Design.

Artistic Articles: Discussion pieces and explorations of Art.

The Crystal Tome: Writings from the Crystal WIzard.

The Crystal Wizard on Facebook: Updates and messages from The Wizard.

The Crystal Wizard on Twitter: Short updates and messages, plus retweets from interesting places around the web.

The Crystal Wizard on Google+: For those brave enough to enter the uncharted realms of Google+!

Pinteresting Crystals:  Pinterest. Interesting pictures from around the Web, organised into ‘Boards’, for your ease and convenience.

The P.C. Wizard: As his alter ego, PC Wizard can fix your Computer Troubles, in the comfort of your own home!

If you find yourself unable to locate the particular area that you are after, do not be afraid to Ask The Wizard!
Or if you find a section that has gone unrecorded, pass its location to me for recording in The Crystal Tome!

Which Crystal is Right For You?

The Crystal Wizard is starting to catalogue Shiny Stones!
A brief rundown of the more popular crystals, including composition, locations they are found, and reputed spiritual properties can be found at:

This will be an ever-evolving project, with more stones being added all the time, so don’t forget to revisit regularly to see the latest updates!

If there are any that you would like to see, or if you have any corrections/additions to existing entries, please contact me!


He Waits. That’s What He Does.

And I tell you what; tick followed tock followed tick followed tock followed tick …

The website is up, the shop is open, products stacked neatly on the (virtual) shelves.
I’ve tested the site, run Checking Tools over it, hand-checked the links.
I’ve let everyone I can think of know about it, and done as much SEO as I can (without spending my first year’s takings on a ‘professional’).

And now I wait …

… and wait …

Hopefully my next post will be “HELP! Too busy! Too many orders!”. Hopefully. Not holding my breath.
Just waiting.

Rainbow Mountains In China

Rainbow Mountains In Chinas Danxia Landform Geological Park Are Very, Very Real PHOTOS.

Rainbow mountains! No, really!

A friend who studied geology in Wales always remarked that he was becoming an expert in Grey Rocks. (This was before Ms James’s novel, or I’m sure he would have made some comparative pun.)
China, on the other hand, seems to have a wider selection of colours to choose from!

The Danxia Landform Geological Park is formed from 24 million year old sandstone, and buckled by tectonic forces, giving rise to a startling range of multicoloured mountains!

Wow. Just Wow! 🙂