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Rainbows From A Car

My Dad, being the hero that he has always been, took me to pick my car up from its MOT and service the other day. The weather could not make up its mind, and the clear skies kept giving way to showers. While this made driving a little more awkward, it did give rise to a rainbow!

Caught without my camera, I pulled out my trusty mobile phone, and snapped a few shots.
As we were travelling at 50-60mph along winding country roads, and shooting through car windows (usually kept spotlessly clean, but see aforementioned weather), I was quite impressed with the results:

Blurred Rainbow

Rainbow Blur

I thought this would be as good as I could get, given that we were on a schedule, and Dad is not one for stopping the car for me to take photos. Especially if it would make us late (Dad’s definition of late is “less than ten minutes early”, whereas Mum defines “early” as “no more than ten minutes late”!).

So I was quite pleased to get these:

Rainbow and Hedge

Captured Rainbow

Rainbow Behind Tree

Rainbow Behind Tree

And this one was the best, I think:

Partial Rainbow

Partial Rainbow

All things considered, not a bad haul!

We didn’t find the pot of gold, but my car passed its MOT with only minor work, so I guess that counts!



Another Mosaic!

The Extreme Housewife is at it again! Not content with Toasting the Mona Lisa and making Pippa Middleton out of Crumpets, she has now made a Lady Picking Tea out of sugar cubes!

A total of 4220 cubes were needed, taking two months to hand paint and glue into position!

Please take a look! It is impressive (if a little Extreme!)

Lady Picking Tea


Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to wax lyrical about the end of summer and the long dark nights ahead. The soft golden leaves, the harvest, bonfires and hot soup with fresh bread.

I thought it best to capture the moment:


Leaves in Autumn


A Close-up shot of leaves


More Leaves

Some more leaves


Another close-up of leaves

last of the berries

Last Of The Berries

Trees and shrubs

Trees and Shrubs



So there you go. It’s amazing how much Art one can find on just a quick walk to the local meadows!





The Continuing Adventures of The SIlver Stallion!

Not that I want this to turn into a “Me and my car” blog, but I haven’t changed cars in over ten years, and this one is quite different. Just a couple of updates, and I’ll get back to Art! Honestly!

We’ve done 98 miles together now, so I’m getting used to having to change gears manually, and although I’m still over-revving,  its not so bad.
Steering is the main thing I have to watch now – such a long nose to take care of! And it swings around! I still worry that it is so wide, it won’t fit into gaps, only to realise I could fit a bus through!
I think the best thing is not having to worry about getting stuck in traffic! the SMART was getting very unreliable in such situations, so I can use the busy roads again, rather than trying to take massive detours!
I only put the windscreen wipers on, instead of indicators, once today! A major improvement! And I’ve found out how to change radio stations! Next, how to add stations to the pre-set buttons, rather than just searching for the next one. After that, I’ll look at investing in a mp3-to-tape gadget. And maybe an mp3 player to plug into it!

So, I’ve driven in the rain, at night (lit areas! not tried full-beams yet), sunny and evening (staring into setting sun!). I’m getting to grips with the controls, and the storage areas (I have a glove compartment! Not that I have any gloves). I haven’t left it unlocked yet (no beepy-key! I have to use the stone-age “put-the-key-in-the-lock-and-turn” method! I feel so Hipster Retro! “Of course, i was using that type of lock before it was trendy”).

Once I’ve sorted out the less-than-pristine bodywork (rust? noo, that’s not rust, thats, erm, designer fashion accessories! Its supposed to look like that!), I might get some pics. Probably nothing that will make it to AutoPoster, but something to show off its handsome curves!

Want to hear more about The Silver Stallion? Stay tuned!

Rise of The Silver Stallion!

Smart Car

My Old Smart Car, in better days.

After 10 years of loyal service, my SMART car has finally given up. With problems in the automatic gearbox and the engine running rough as old boots, it would cost too much to get back on the road. 🙁
It was a great car, while it lasted. Cheap on petrol and road tax, park anywhere, turn round on a sixpence. I could even carry a reasonable amount (I once fitted 5 old-style computer monitors, and a passenger!). But it had been playing up for the past year or so, and I don’t fancy being stuck in rush-hour traffic, blocking lanes, again! So, with these latest problems, it was time for a change.

As luck would have it, a friend-of-a-friend was getting rid of a Mitsubishi Colt. It was a good price, and I needed a car, so jumped at the chance!
I’ve spent this afternoon getting a SORN declaration for the SMART, and cancelling its insurance, while I decide what to do with it. If you know anyone who wants it for spares/repairs, let me know! Then, insuring the Colt. After some haggling, and much hammering at comparison sites, I eventually managed to get a cheaper deal than the SMART. The SMART was emptied of the usual bits and bobs that build up – petrol can, tyre-weld, travel-blanket, notepads and pens, music CDs, red warning triangle, fluffy dice, and other assorted items. Some will be transferred to the Colt, while others will be retired/trashed.

A quick trip to the local petrol station to fill it up turned into a longer trip, as the local was closed! Apparently its being turned into an M&S! This gave me more of a chance to get used to the manual gearbox, and give my clutch-foot a good workout! The indicators are on the ‘wrong’ side, and I kept flicking the windscreen wipers on instead! Fearful of stalling, I’ll be over-revving it for a while yet, and it seems almost twice as wide as I’m used to! But teething-troubles aside, it looks like it should do the job.

So, farewell, Little Black Chariot; you have served me faithfully, but it is time to make way for another.

Ride On, SIlver Stallion!