Rise of The Silver Stallion!

Smart Car

My Old Smart Car, in better days.

After 10 years of loyal service, my SMART car has finally given up. With problems in theĀ automatic gearbox and the engine running rough as old boots, it would cost too much to get back on the road. šŸ™
It was a great car, while it lasted. Cheap on petrol and road tax, park anywhere, turn round on a sixpence. I could even carry a reasonable amount (I once fitted 5 old-style computer monitors, and a passenger!). But it had been playing up for the past year or so, and I don’t fancy being stuck in rush-hour traffic, blocking lanes, again! So, with these latest problems, it was time for a change.

As luck would have it, a friend-of-a-friend was getting rid of a Mitsubishi Colt. It was a good price, and I needed a car, so jumped at the chance!
I’ve spent this afternoon getting a SORN declaration for the SMART, and cancelling its insurance, while I decide what to do with it. If you know anyone who wants it for spares/repairs, let me know! Then, insuring the Colt. After some haggling, and much hammering at comparison sites, I eventually managed to get a cheaper deal than the SMART. The SMART was emptied of the usual bits and bobs that build up – petrol can, tyre-weld, travel-blanket, notepads and pens, music CDs, red warning triangle, fluffy dice, and other assorted items. Some will be transferred to the Colt, while others will be retired/trashed.

A quick trip to the local petrol station to fill it up turned into a longer trip, as the local was closed! Apparently its being turned into an M&S! This gave me more of a chance to get used to the manual gearbox, and give my clutch-foot a good workout! The indicators are on the ‘wrong’ side, and I kept flicking the windscreen wipers on instead! Fearful of stalling, I’ll be over-revving it for a while yet, and it seems almost twice as wide as I’m used to! But teething-troubles aside, it looks like it should do the job.

So, farewell, Little Black Chariot; you have served me faithfully, but it is time to make way for another.

Ride On, SIlver Stallion!

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