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I would drive 500 miles, and I would drive 500 more …

Yes, I have now driven just over a thousand miles in the SIlver Stallion!

I’m still gradually getting used to the manual gearbox, but am not over-revving or slipping gears quite so much. manoeuvring into small spaces still foxes me though! Being 50% longer than the Smart, I’m still very nervous about hitting things, so have to go very slowly and carefully. Parallel parking only happens if I have a lot of room! (Not good when its match day! We get all the footy fans parking on our street. I could often find somewhere to squeeze the Smart in, but The Stallion has to go a couple of streets away!)

MPG is not as good, but I think I’m improving it. Getting up through the gears quicker is helping. I still have to drive a lot of small roads and housing estates, which doesn’t help, and the fact that I stop as soon as the engine is warmed up, and have to leave it just long enough to cool down before driving off again is always going to put more wear and tear on it.

I’ve found a few radio stations, and am looking forward to getting an MP3 player and tape-converter, so that I can listen to my own choice of audio! (Santa has been informed!)

I’ve tested it out in the rain, and at night. I know where the lights are, and how to switch full-beam on and off! Soon, I’ll have to find out how it handles in the ice! A minor niggle is that the driver-side sun-shade is loose! If I try to keep the sun out of my eyes, it gradually slips, and I can’t see the road! So I’m finding ways around this until I figure a way to tighten up the hinges.

So, overall, I’m reasonably happy with it, and soon will be driving it like a veteran!


Miniature Wargaming (or “Toy Soldiers”) can be an expensive hobby, but one area where you can save some money, and save the planet, is scenery.

Your little Army men need a battlefield, and although it is possible to buy pre-made scenery and terrain, it can be a lot cheaper, and a lot more fun, to make your own.

Before throwing anything away, it is worth casting a creative eye over it, and asking yourself “Can I make a piece of scenery from that?”, and the answer is almost always “YES!”

Not sure how? Visit to find some hints and tips, along with several step-by-step guides to making simple, recycled scenery from household objects!

Starting materials

Starting materials

Pill Box Bunker

Pill Box Bunker