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Art In Space!

In Space, no-one can hear you say “Actually, I’m really enjoying this game!”

Star Traders, one of the Trese Brothers‘ games for Android phones/tablets, has been described as “Elite for the New Generation”. Although it lacks the 3D flying-through-space effects that made the Sinclair game a Classic, it does have over 200 planets to visit, with control of them spread between the Three Great Houses and the Three Syndicates, along with some Independent places.

The basics of the game are quite simple – choose a profession (including Merchant, Pirate, Explorer or Military Officer), jump in your ship and zoom around the Quadrant, trading, exploring Wild Zones, fighting other ships, Aliens and Pirates! But soon the intricacy of the game’s design becomes apparent. The Quadrant is not a happy place, and each of the six Factions has their own plan for ruling it. Political Intrigue soon (from Turn 1) colours your choices, as Factions declare Trade Embargoes, Alliances, Spy Battles and even Solar War on each other, but beware, these relationships can change rapidly, leaving your peaceful trade mission suddenly in the heart of hostile territory! Aiding a Faction in its cause can be very profitable, but will make you enemies!

I could go into details of how to play, what tactics work best for each style of play, how to customise your ship, etc, but I think I’ll leave you to explore it yourself!

This is made all the easier with, like all of the Trese games, free versions being available, so that you can try them out before deciding whether to upgrade to the Pro versions. There is also an active Forum, where you can read up on other players’ tips, and ask how to refine your strategy. Even better, the Designers constantly monitor the forums and have opened both  “bug reports” and “Design Suggestions” threads, which they take on board, and reply to swiftly, letting you know how things are progressing. There are constant updates to the Game Engine, which is generally a positive affair, adding new features, extra ships and tweaking the interface.

So, if you like the sound of taking control of your own spaceship, and zooming across the vast expanse of The Quadrant, dodging Patrol Vessels, fighting Aliens and Exploring Wild Zones, ready to land at a safe haven to off-load your ill-gotten gains hard earned cargo, why not give Star Traders a go! You won’t be disappointed!