Monthly Archives: August 2015

Art – An Update

So, what has been happening in the Wizard’s World of Art?

Firstly, some sad news. Cakes-By-Natalie is closing. My sister-in-law has been making cakes for weddings, birthdays, or any other occasion, and even made me some Sword-And-Sorcery cup-cakes. But due to rising costs of ingredients, and other overheads, she has decided to explore other areas. You can still find her at Snowdrops Online. Less edible, but just as Art!

In better news, Dark Flights Art are continuing to produce pewter jewellery, and are looking into moving into bronze. This is being done alongside their oil-on-canvas fantasy scenes, inspired by Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews.

It is five years since OnLine-OddBall Ola Helland completed his challenge to assemble One Million Giraffes. Starting out as a drunken bet, Ola took to the Internet to get people to submit their drawings, sculptures, tattoos and other giraffe-based art. From the simplest of stick-figures, to beautiful watercolours, people also used lego, plasticine, cocktail sticks, felt-tip pens (on their hands, arms, legs, friend’s faces …), jotter-books filed with scribbled figures, a latte coffee, tangrams, and one person even found a cloud in the shape of a giraffe! The site is still up, so go take a look, and maybe even buy their book!

Melissa Lawrence is still producing hand-crafted cards, stationary and other gifts. Juggling her time with writing her book, she now also produces craft-kits, for you to make your own products from!

Linda Rudkin will be in Harrow this month, giving talks on ‘Colours From Nature’, and offering Workshops on Flower Pounding and Silk Paper Sculpting. Also dates in Leicester, check her website for details.

And in a controversial move, Leicester’s newest Art Installation will feature “No race-based content, political or propaganda content and nothing about crime. It will not feature drugs, alcohol, gambling, lotteries, adult content or third party advertising.” – In other words: Nothing to talk about.

More controversy from Leicester: The Cank Street redevelopment has thoughtfully replaced the marker of the 12th Century Cank Well, (as discussed previously), but have neglected to return the large brass plaque detailing the history of The Cank! Should we rack this up to Leics. City Council’s ineptitude, a bureaucratic error, or something more sinister? Come on Leicester Council, Celebrate your history, and let us celebrate it too!

So there you go. The ups, down, ins, outs and twisty-turny bits of Art. Enjoy.