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Adventures of the Travelling Stick Salesman

You will all have seen those fantasy pictures: large panoramic views, beautiful scenery. And somewhere in the middle ground, a lone figure, cloak swaying in the breeze, and hand firmly grasping a long staff. You can visualise it so well that I won’t bother posting an example.

The Belgian Jordy Lakiere has come to the conclusion that he is a Travelling Stick Salesman, touting his wares across lands far and near! From Mordor to Tatooine, he seeks out potential buyers, and then vanishes into the mists.

A collection of his customers can be found here:

EDIT: Tumbler Blog has changed. Try his Facebook Album

There will be some you recognise, some you don’t, and some you’ll be sure you’ve seen before but can’t quite remember where!

I won’t go rambling on. Go visit the site!

Meanwhile, Bacchus at the Cafe …

You may not be too surprised to hear that I found some Art at a clothes shop today, but it may intrigue you to know the details!

Opposite one of my regular haunts is a clothing alteration shop. I’ve seen it many a time, while sat sipping a latte (No pumpkin spice, thanks. Or vanilla, or any other “exotic” flavours. Coffee. With milk. In a mug. Cheers) in the sunshine, but it was only today that I took a proper look at the decorations around the doors.

The Clothing Alteration Company. Decorations around the door and windows.

None of the surrounding shops have similar frontages, so I thought I would inquire. I stepped inside, and sought knowledge!

The lady at the counter was very friendly and helpful, and explained that the shop used to be the site of a wine merchant, and they had decorated the front with images of Bacchus, the Roman god of Wine and Agriculture, in homage to Leicester’s Roman heritage.

Carvings of Bacchus over the shop doorway

Door Decorations

She was very happy to grant me permission to take a few photos for this blog, so I snapped away for a while, and include a few of the best pictures.

Side panel showing more Bacchus imagery

Side Panel

Detail of side panel

Detail of side panel

Unfortunately, I have so far been unable to dig out the name of the wine merchants that commissioned these pieces, but I will be looking further into this!

In the meantime, if you have any clothes that need altering, and feel a blessing from Bacchus would help, do visit The Clothing Alteration Company in St Martin’s Square! While your clothes are being altered, grab a coffee and admire the decorations!

(I nearly made it all the way through a post without mentioning The Cank!)