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The Wizard Goes Postal!

You know that bit on your Online Order Form that says “Postage and Packing”. Always looks like a large sum, when all they have to do is pop your item in a box, slip in the invoice and pop it in the post?
After looking into how to automate these systems for the Crystal Cave, I think most of the money goes to the Web Master, who has to configure the damn site to calculate it all! Handling Fees, Country-Specific Charges, weight-ranges, product-specific alterations, special rates, multi-order discounts, quick-delivery premiums … and that is just the “What”. Once you know ‘what’ the charges should be, you need to figure ‘how’ to tell the website this info! Where is the box for this fee? How do I tell it about that charge? Traversing the maze of menus, drop-downs, and other sections, whether it is a Product or Category alteration … its almost easier to deliver it myself!

I’m sure it will all come naturally once I’ve done it a few thousand times, but for now, it is a real minefield! And if I get it wrong, its me who will have to pick up the bill!

Oh, the joys of being a Wizard! Everyone thinks its all “Abracadabra”, #wave wand#, and everything magically gets done. But mostly its sat frantically stabbing at the keyboard in the vain hope that I can find the right settings!