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Another Mosaic!

The Extreme Housewife is at it again! Not content with Toasting the Mona Lisa and making Pippa Middleton out of Crumpets, she has now made a Lady Picking Tea out of sugar cubes!

A total of 4220 cubes were needed, taking two months to hand paint and glue into position!

Please take a look! It is impressive (if a little Extreme!)

Lady Picking Tea

Pippa Middleton Crumpet Mosaic!

Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery: The Pippa Middleton Crumpet Mosaic!.



Do you like crumpet? Do you like Pippa Middleton? Then you’ll love The Pippa Middleton¬†Crumpet Mosaic!

Extreme Housewifery takes an artistic turn, as 15,000 crumpets are laid out across Warrington’s Parr Hall to immortalise Ms Middleton’s image in breakfast-based art!

Produced as a publicity stunt for Beefeater Grill’s new breakfast menu in 2011, it took a full day to spread jam, marmite and butter onto the crumpets and place them out across the hall.

For more details, pictures and a video of the making of Pippa Middleton, follow Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery