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Procrastinate Now! A review of CardHunter.


Equipping Your Character

A friend (@ZeRootOfAllEvil) put me on to a silly computer game recently. Going by the name Card Hunter, it is a board game, based on Dungeons and Dragons, and has been soaking up all of my spare time.

The game itself is quite simplistic: you equip each of your three characters with weapons, armour, arcane items etc, and each piece of equipment has some cards associated with it, that go to build your Deck. When you choose an Adventure, you draw some cards from your deck, and the opponent draws from thiers. You now take it in turns to play cards (Attack, Move, Block etc) until neither player wishes to play (or is out of cards), at which point you draw three more, and continue until the Challenge is completed, or your characters have been defeated. As you complete Adventures, you find more (hopefully improved) cards, and gain Levels (giving you more Equipment Slots, so more cards) and can use better cards.

Adding to the amusement is the ongoing storyline: Gary, the Games Master, has borrowed this set of cards from his older, more experienced brother, who keeps offering unsolicited advice, and warnings. Also, Gary is trying to stop Karen, the pizza delivery girl, from finding out what a geeky hobby he has! The story unfolds gradually, as you complete Adventures, with Gary’s brother confiscating the cards, and Gary finding another set from an unexpected source!

Adventure map

Adventure map showing the Characters facing a horde of Monsters

There are a lot of in-jokes, and self-deprecating stereotypes; those of you who know D&D, MtG, etc will find some parts disturbingly familiar!

The game has a lot to keep people interested, with more and better Items, new abilities and different types of Challenges. There are shops to buy new Items, and sell your Loot to. Some Adventures are not available until others are completed, giving several in-game story-lines, and although it is possible to go back to earlier Adventures, if they are too early, your party is handicapped, so that they are not too easy! If you fail part of an Adventure, you get up to three attempts, and then must start it from the beginning, or try a different one.

I haven’t tried the multi-player section yet (and probably won’t). It looks to be a Gladiator Tournament, where people match up their characters and tactics to see who wins. Personally I prefer the “Player vs GM” Adventures.
But whichever you prefer, it will soak up your time, as you keep pushing for that extra Win!
Just one more Adventure! 🙂