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Today’s Art Finds!

Well, I found a few bits, but it’s hardly my fault if there is no art out there, is it? I went and looked, and its the thought that counts, they say.

What I did find is that the Liberty Statue has a cheeky grin. But the art was already there. All I did was see it with fresh eyes. And that doesn’t make it art. Does it?

The Grinning Liberty Statue

Cheeky Little Grin

There were duck-trails through the algae in the canal, almost looking like the branches of a ┬átree. Very pretty, but the random patterns created by Things Of Nature, with no sense of the Aesthetic effect they were having can’t qualify as art. Can it?

There’s a nice carving on one of the canal bridges: The Leicester Fleur-de-Leys, crowned with a Dragon (EDIT: The Crest of The Borough of Leicester takes the form of “A wyvern sans legs argent strewed with wounds gules, wings expanded ermine.“). Crafters Skill: Check. Pretty: Check. Functional: Check (It serves as an identifier). Historical Value: Check. now THAT is art!

Fleur-de-leys, crowned by Wyvern

Found on a Bridge