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The Continuing Adventures of The SIlver Stallion!

Not that I want this to turn into a “Me and my car” blog, but I haven’t changed cars in over ten years, and this one is quite different. Just a couple of updates, and I’ll get back to Art! Honestly!

We’ve done 98 miles together now, so I’m getting used to having to change gears manually, and although I’m still over-revving,  its not so bad.
Steering is the main thing I have to watch now – such a long nose to take care of! And it swings around! I still worry that it is so wide, it won’t fit into gaps, only to realise I could fit a bus through!
I think the best thing is not having to worry about getting stuck in traffic! the SMART was getting very unreliable in such situations, so I can use the busy roads again, rather than trying to take massive detours!
I only put the windscreen wipers on, instead of indicators, once today! A major improvement! And I’ve found out how to change radio stations! Next, how to add stations to the pre-set buttons, rather than just searching for the next one. After that, I’ll look at investing in a mp3-to-tape gadget. And maybe an mp3 player to plug into it!

So, I’ve driven in the rain, at night (lit areas! not tried full-beams yet), sunny and evening (staring into setting sun!). I’m getting to grips with the controls, and the storage areas (I have a glove compartment! Not that I have any gloves). I haven’t left it unlocked yet (no beepy-key! I have to use the stone-age “put-the-key-in-the-lock-and-turn” method! I feel so Hipster Retro! “Of course, i was using that type of lock before it was trendy”).

Once I’ve sorted out the less-than-pristine bodywork (rust? noo, that’s not rust, thats, erm, designer fashion accessories! Its supposed to look like that!), I might get some pics. Probably nothing that will make it to AutoPoster, but something to show off its handsome curves!

Want to hear more about The Silver Stallion? Stay tuned!

Playing in The Traffic

Or, to be more accurate, Playing in the Lack of Traffic.

Getting a website seen is a long, arduous job. Firstly, the pit-falls of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Are my meta-tags appropriate? Do I have enough keywords in my Content? Or too many? What are people actually searching for? Is it worth paying a professional SEO company to optimize the site?

Getting other websites to link to me should bring a few page-hits. But are those sites going to see me as competition? Or irrelevant to their visitors? How much should I be spamming other webmasters requesting reciprocal links? Do I want my site to be crammed full of links to other people?

The old adage “build it, and they will come” seems like a slow process, and relies upon people knowing that I have built it.

Freebies, cut-price deals, unique products, competitions and other such offers only work if people know they are there. I can’t just walk into the middle of “the internet” and shout about my wares:
“Roll Up! Roll Up! New, interesting art and craft from UKs best designers and Artists! You, madam! You look like someone who appreciates Art! have you seen Dark Flight’s latest designs? Sir, I bet you have a birthday or anniversary approaching! Can I tempt you with something from Melissa Lawrence? Ladies, I just know that you will love Cloud Line’s new Caterpillar Hugs!”.

But there is no “passing traffic” that just happens to wander past a website. No busy street to set up my stall on. The equivalents are places like eBay and Etsy, where an overcrowded market competes ruthlessly for attention, and it becomes very difficult to be heard.

I feel caught in a Catch 22 situation, starved of traffic as I am not yet well-known enough for anyone (Search Engines, other websites, word-of-mouth recommendations) to send visitors my way, and without that traffic, I will struggle to become well-known. It only needs a small breakthrough to start the snowball rolling, but I am struggling to reach that point.

So, another weekend of looking for ways to publicise The Crystal Wizard. Ho Hum.
As always, constructive advice always appreciated.